The West Coast Training Camp is coming soon—September 25 & 26—and now is the time to register. I urge all Redwood Dojo members age 6 and above to attend. This is your chance to take class with some of the highest-ranking instructors in Cuong Nhu, including the head of the style, Grandmaster Quynh Ngo. We fly these instructors in once a year for the benefit of you, the students—so please don’t miss out! Look in the FREEINFO box at right to download a flyer and registration form. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about fees or any other aspect of the event.

There’s a Black Belt Test at Rohai Dojo this Saturday, September 12, beginning at 11 a.m. All are welcome to attend, either to watch, or perhaps participate in the sparring portion of the test. Meg Veitch, who began training when she was four years old (!), will be testing for black belt, alongside several candidates for two black stripes. Rohai Dojo is located at 1819 San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley—1.5 blocks north of University Avenue, between Hearst and Delaware (510-526-4880). A late lunch at Picante restaurant will follow the test.

Our own Hector Salazar will be testing for black belt just prior to the West Coast Training Camp, on Thursday, September 24th, beginning at [correction: 5:30 p.m.] The test, given by Grandmaster Quynh Ngo, will take place at Hoa Sen Dojo in Emeryville. All Redwood Dojo members should plan to attend, to support Hector and learn what we can from the testing. The dojo is located at 4770 San Pablo Ave. (48th and San Pablo in Emeryville). If you’re coming from Redwood Dojo, take highway 13 to 24; then 24 to 580 west, and exit at Market Street just before merging onto 580. Take a right on San Pablo. PLEASE NOTE: Redwood Dojo’s 5 p.m. Kids’ Class will be CANCELLED on Thursday, September 24th, so that we can all attend the test.


2 thoughts on “Important Upcoming Events

  1. Is that short guy who grows tonfas in his veggy garden going to be at the WCTC?

    Will there be live video link for the two black belt tests mentioned?

    1. Hi, Master Mike,
      We are all bummed that you cannot make it here to teach tonfa, due to your surgery (& I hope it went well & you’re recovering quickly). I am too technically un-savvy to set up live video, but there will be dead video for sure!

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