Our new adult class schedule is under way; a new month is about to begin; now is the time to get started in martial arts. Redwood Dojo is accepting new students in both sections: Adult Class, Tuesday & Thursday 7 to 8:30 pm, and combined Adult/Teen Class, Tuesday & Thursday 6 to 7 pm. Saturday Class is also available. The best way to find out about our workout is to come try a free class on a Tuesday or Thursday. Let us know when you’ll be coming. You can pre-register and see our current “web special” by clicking this link (it will take you to a page on our old website). OR: Leave a note for us here, or send an email to adultclass@redwood-dojo.com.

In other news: Congratulations to Hector Salazar on passing his black belt test last Thursday. It was a rigorous and detailed test administered by Grandmaster Quynh Ngo, head of Cuong Nhu. Promotion took place at the closing ceremony of the West Coast Training Camp.

The Training Camp itself was a success, with a good turnout from Redwood Dojo, especially among adults and teens. (Some kids made it there too; way to go, guys!) Students had the opportunity to train in take-downs and grappling, knife defense, several different weapons, animal forms, soft style, and more. As always, WCTC featured top instructors who flew in from as far away as Florida and Pennsylvania.
JUST ADDED: Click on this link for Sensei Danny Nguyen’s video clips and photos from the WCTC.

Just for fun, here’s another chance to take our “reasons for training” poll. (Personally, my choice is #1!)


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