Save the date: Sunday December 13, 1 pm to 5 pm. Redwood Dojo will be hosting a party, student demo, and book signing at the Redwood Heights Community Center. All students (all ages and levels) should plan to take part, and everyone is invited– friends, family and members of the community. In addition to the martial arts demonstration, there will be refreshments, door prizes, and other fun & games. Mark your calendar; plan to be there, and bring your friends!

The demo: We’ll be working out the details of the martial arts student demonstration over the next couple of weeks. A schedule of events will be published here closer to the date. The demo will include brief performances by students of all ages and levels, from “pre-Karate” up through black belt adults. Members of the teen and adult classes will show board breaking, mat work, and a black belt self-defense demonstration, among other things.

The book signing: This party is in part a “book launch party” for The Kids’ Karate Workbook: A Take-Home Training Guide for Young Martial Artists. Many of you are familiar with The Cuong Nhu Training Manual for Kids and Their Parents, by Didi Goodman and Linda Nikaya; this is the “national edition” that grew out of that project. It was released in October by North Atlantic/Blue Snake (distributed by Random House) and is available worldwide. Copies of both books will be available at the party for a special price (and there will be books as door prizes, too!). Author, illustrator, and many of the kids who posed for the illustrations will be present to sign your copy.

The new book is suitable not just for Cuong Nhu kids, but for any young person studying a karate style or Taekwondo– so it makes a great gift for cousins, nieces and nephews, and friends who aren’t lucky enough to be enrolled at Redwood Dojo. Read more about the book here.

Congratulations to New Brown Belts

Cris Woroch and Morgan Gillis were promoted to brown belt on Tuesday, October 27, after a rigorous test given by a panel of five instructors at Redwood Dojo. To any photographers present at the test: Please send me the link to your photos.

Phillip Davis was promoted to Brown Belt on Friday, November 13, alongside five other teen candidates from Rohai Dojo. He traveled to Berkeley to take the 3-hour test. Click here to see Linda Nikaya’s photos from the test. (…And in case you’re wondering, Phillip broke three boards with a downward hammerfist, right after the camera took that shot.)

Take this poll: Should all student rank promotions be listed and recognized on this site, from peewee through black belt?


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