Sunday’s dojo party and demo was such a success I’m going to call it the “First Annual.”

Forty-five dojo members took part in the demo. (That’s a single-demo record!) We had a full house of friends and family members, plenty of food and drink, and some fine performances, including a few last-minute additions that went off smoothly with minimum rehearsal.

Highlights: The live drumming by Lee Hetelson that energized the intermediate/advanced kids’ demo. The comedy in the family demos and teen self-defense skits. Hector’s black belt demo was a crowd favorite, as was the board-breaking.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who performed.

Special thanks go out to Pam Consear for organizing the food and handling all manner of details the rest of us might have missed. Many thanks, too, to the black belts– Lara, Candace, Paul and Hector– for set-up, take-down, and general assistance throughout, as well as helping with the children’s and teen demos. In fact, all members of the teen and adult classes deserve thanks for their help and participation; their efforts made it all possible.

If you took photos of the event and would like me to post some here, please email them to me; or send us a link you your photo sharing site. I have posted a few shots of the younger kids on the kids’ class pages, and will add more as I get them. There will be videos, too.

I’m already starting to plan next year… so please leave your feedback and suggestions here! One thing we’ll do differently next time is to shorten the down time between demos, so more people can stay to see all ages and levels perform.

What did you like? What would you like to see us do differently? Leave a comment.


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