Classes are under way at Redwood Dojo, and it’s not too late for new students to join in.

Perhaps too much is made of New Year’s Resolutions. . .

. . .On the other hand, what’s wrong with taking advantage of that feeling of excitement we all get when there’s a chance for a fresh start, a big change, a new pursuit? It comes down to this: January is a great time to start something new– especially something that could turn your life around and bring great mental and physical benefits.

Click on the link (in the box to the right, or along the top of this page) for the age-group class that interests you. I especially encourage adults and teens who’ve been thinking about martial arts (but not getting around to it) to make the move right now. I’ll see you in class!

Please Note: We’ve updated the web specials for new students who pre-register online. Links to pre-registration can be found on the age-group informational pages, on the FAQ page, and also here:

Pre-register for Adult Class

Pre-register for Teen Class

Pre-register for Children’s Classes

Other notes: Once again I want to encourage students and parents to visit Kevin Wong’s photo gallery; he took some really fantastic pictures of the kids, teens and adults in class last November. There’s a link to the gallery from this old post.


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