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Congratulations to the following students, who passed their tests and were promoted during the past week:

Brown Belt (1-26-10)

Dominic Fabros
Sara Falls
Oskar Bertagnole (visiting from Rohai Dojo)

One Green Stripe (1-28-10)

Matthew Tracey-Cook
Anders Johnson
Mar’kayla Irvin

Purple Belt (1-28-10)

Schungo Takahashi
Ryan Fong

Yellow Belt (1-28-10)

Tristan Stewart
Cameron Fong
Vincent Hsu
Nicholas Chen
Zachary Roberson

One Yellow Stripe (1-28-10)

Hans Johnson
Lara Kammen
Maren Barzell-Weber

Excellent tests all around. Board-breaking, weapons and sparring– areas that sometimes trip people up on the brown belt test– went smoothly, showing the candidates had prepared well.

Do you have photos from the tests? May we post them here, or link to your online gallery? Email


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