This year’s Cuong Nhu National Training Camp is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend on the North Carolina State University campus in Raleigh, N.C. Registration and check-in begin on Thursday afternoon, May 27th. Classes run all day Friday and Saturday, plus Sunday morning – with demonstrations, rank promotions and “skit night” filling the rest of the Sunday schedule. Most people will travel home on Monday, May 31st.

All are encouraged to attend – adults, teens, and kids. It’s a great training experience, and a fun opportunity to meet and make friends with Cuong Nhu students from all over the U.S. and abroad. There’s the chance to take class from excellent instructors from around the country, and learn things one might not otherwise get to see for many years (advanced techniques, katas and weapons). There are great classes for adults – all levels, including beginners. Children of all ranks are welcome as well, with special classes and activities scheduled.

One of the highlights of training camp is getting to see black belt and high-level dan rank testing and demonstrations. This year, there will be some instructors from both Redwood and Rohai Dojo testing and doing demos for higher rank – another good reason to attend this year.

Kids and teens from our dojo have attended past training camps and had a great time. Teens seem to have as much fun training in the adult classes as they do meeting and hanging out with their peers from other Cuong Nhu dojos.

Although it may seem far away and hard to get to, we urge you to consider the possibility of attending. You’ll get so much out of it – you just shouldn’t miss it. (Keep in mind, too, that it is a requirement for black belt that you attend this event at least once prior to testing.) We’re expecting over 300 participants; be there!

Parents, many responsible adults from both Redwood and Rohai dojos will be attending, so there will always be someone to look after the teens and younger students. It’s possible to coordinate travel so that kids traveling without their families can be accompanied by trusted adults. Once at the training camp, students practice at the gymnasium, sleep in dorm rooms (two to a room) and eat in the dorm cafeteria. The weekend’s activities and locations are well-defined and the group stays together throughout the camp.

The cost is in the range of $250 for classes, food and dorm, plus airfare (depending on airline & airport, Oakland or SFO). Fares are running $335 – $474 round trip to Raleigh (RDU – Raleigh-Durham) – check out Southwest Airlines from Oakland.

If your schedule and finances would allow for a trip like this, perhaps you could work in a family vacation to scenic Raleigh!

Please contact Sensei Didi or Master Burns if you have any questions. We would be glad to put you in touch with other students or parents who have sent or accompanied their kids to the training camp in the past.


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