Last Saturday was a busy day: The Annual Kata Tournament at Rohai Dojo in Berkeley, followed by a demo at the Redwood Heights School Multicultural Faire at 2 pm. I was so busy with planning and support duties for both events that I failed to get any photos or video of the demo, and only two photos from the tournament.

If you were present at either event and got stills or videos, please share, by email or on disk! If you’d like to post a video on the CuongNhuRedwood YouTube account, let me know.

Three energetic students (and their hard-working parents) actually made it to both events: Cris Woroch, Matthew Tracey-Cook, and Sarah Tracey-Cook. Cris, age 13, started the day by competing in the Adult Brown and Black Belt division, where he took 1st Place in Weapons (with a very sharp performance of Tambo 1), and 2nd place in Empty-Hand Kata with Empi. Sensei Jill Martinucci, a Nidan candidate from Rohai Dojo, took 1st with Ho Quyen (Tiger Form).

Competition was stiff in all divisions; there were plenty of competitors in spite of the low turnout from Redwood Dojo. Sarah took 2nd place in the 6- to 8-year-old White Belt division, and Matthew won 2nd place among the older kids’ Blue Belts and Green Stripes. Great job, guys!

Demo participation set a record: Thirty-six students performed at the Multicultural Faire this year– 27 kids and 9 adults. That’s fantastic. Many thanks to everyone who took part, and special thanks to the teens and adults for wowing the audience (and the kids) with their demonstrations of throwing and board-breaking.

It shows great spirit that so many students would step forward to be in the demo. The next opportunity to perform comes up in July, at Redwood Heights Rec Center open house. Let’s set the goal right now of getting even more participation, and especially more teens and adults. With the group getting so large, we’ll also need to divide up the performance by rank and skill, and give plenty of practice time to each group. Start thinking right now about what you would like to perform, and sharpen those skills between now and June if you’d like to be onstage.


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