It’s Monday night. By Thursday, a dozen Redwood Dojo members will be in Raleigh, North Carolina, for the annual Cuong Nhu training camp. We can’t wait!

Meanwhile, please note the following items on the schedule:

Come see the black belt demonstration on Tuesday, May 25 at 6 p.m. Sensei Lara will be testing for Nidan (2nd degree black belt) this Friday at training camp. Tomorrow evening, she will perform her katas and technique demonstration in a dress rehearsal for dojo members, friends, family and community. Also performing will be Senseis Paul, Candace and Hector, who are testing for Shodan, or 1st degree. In Cuong Nhu, the black belt test and the “first degree” test are separate events; Shodan candidates must perform Nhu 1, Cuong Nhu’s first “soft style” kata, and applications. For Nidan, Lara must perform Crane form, Tambo 2 (short stick), Double Tambo 1, and Wing Chun 1. Her technique demonstration must show applications for all these katas. Bring your friends and family to watch the candidates and wish them luck on their test.

On Thursday, May 27, 4 and 5 pm kids classes are CANCELLED. We simply won’t have any instructors available to teach class, since so many of us are going to Raleigh. Teen/Adult Class will meet from 6 to 7:30 p.m. only on that date. Kids purple belt and above may attend Teen/Adult class from 6 to 7. 7 to 7:30 will be open practice for adults and teens.


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