A dozen Redwood members made the trip to Raleigh, North Carolina on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-31, for IATC 2010 — the international Cuong Nhu Training Camp. Nearly 450 martial artists attended IATC this year.

Standing: Pam Consear, Linda Pacheco, Jim Forquer, Paul Barale, Lara Brekke-Brownell, Dan Forquer, Candace Chan, Hector Salazar, Didi Goodman. Kneeling: Mark Fabros, Morgan Gillis, Dominic Fabros, Cris Woroch.

Lara Brekke-Brownell tested for Nidan (second degree black belt). Here is a shot from her demonstration:

After the promotions, Lara, along with successful Shodan candidates Paul Barale, Candace Chan and Hector Salazar, show their dan certificates. In keeping with our multicultural style, the certificates are inscribed in English, Vietnamese and Chinese.

Congratulations to all! And start saving for next year’s trip. Who knows, we might have some black belt candidates by then…


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