Redwood Dojo students–adults, teens, and kids–will be demonstrating Cuong Nhu this Saturday, July 24 at 11 a.m., as part of the annual Redwood Heights Community Center Open House. Come by to watch, and feel free to ask questions of the students and instructors. [Note to participants in the demo: Don’t forget to come to the extra practice at 6 pm on Thursday the 22nd, as well as the pre-demo practice between 9:30 and 10:30 on Saturday.]

Senseis Candace and Hector will be running the show on Saturday, as Sensei Didi will be in Little Rock, Arkansas, along with Master John Burns, to give tests and seminars at Unity Martial Arts dojo, hosted by Tanner Critz. Busy weekend!

In other news, a powerful group of moms and daughters took an introductory self-defense class together last Sunday morning at Redwood Dojo. They learned about the 5 A’s of Self-Defense, discovered their own strength through some basic strikes and kicks, and tried a few surprise escapes against big, strong assailants. Thanks are due to Candace Chan for assisting with instruction; Paul Barale and Andy McLaughlin for serving as attackers (and getting their heads banged into the wall a few times!); and Pam Consear for organizing the class as a fundraiser for Oakland Tech (and for bringing a picnic!).

It’s been a busy summer so far, and there’s much more on the agenda. Watch this space for more updates.


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