Tuesday, September 14, beginning at 6 pm: Testing for 1 and 2 black stripes (2nd kyu & 1st kyu), with candidates from Redwood, Rohai and Hoa Sen dojos. Test will begin with board-breaking and stamina. Test candidates should arrive early to warm up and set up for their breaking techniques. Spectators are welcome.

West Coast Training Camp, Friday & Saturday, September 24-25: All Redwood Dojo students, all ages (6 & up) should plan to attend this event! It’s a once-a-year opportunity to train with the Head of Cuong Nhu, Grandmaster Quynh Ngo, and many of the highest-ranking instructors in our style. Classes take place in the Alameda High School gymnasium on Friday evening and all day Saturday, with catered lunch provided on Saturday. Kids have a great time at WCTC; the instructors are great, there are sufficient breaks between classes, and there’s even a mid-afternoon cookie break.

Please click on the WCTC-2010 flyer for further details. You may download the flyer and registration forms from the blue box called ‘FREEINFO’ in the right-hand column.

West Coast Training Camp is on Facebook. Visit us there!


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