Congratulations to all who took part in our 2nd annual party and demo yesterday. This demo set records both for number of participants, and fewest practices (due to the holidays intervening)–but we pulled it off!

Here’s the final count: 50 kids signed up to perform; three couldn’t make it at the last moment, so 47 actually performed. In addition, 22 members of the adult and teen class took part. Two more adults deserve special thanks: Master John Burns and Sensei Duston Richards from Rohai Dojo graciously came by to take falls for parts of the adult/teen demo.

The “New Year’s Resolution Workout” that took place prior to the demo also had a good turnout, with about twenty adults, including some first-timers we hope will become new members of the class.

Send us your photos or your photo-sharing link.

Sensei Lara has posted a picasaweb photo album. Go have a look. And if you have photos of your own, please send them to us, or post your photo-sharing link here.

Feedback for next time around:

Let’s make the next event even better, with your feedback. One thing we are already planning to do is make sure it happens in December, so we don’t have a big gap in preparations.

Another point concerns food: It appeared people thought they shouldn’t enjoy the finger food until after the demonstrations were all over. What about enjoying snacks (quietly) throughout the event, provided no food gets on the workout floor and everyone cleans up their own messes?

One more idea: It might be fun to have Cuong Nhu videos playing on the TV during the party, when no live demonstrations are taking place.

What do you think, everyone? Please post your comments and suggestions here, or get them to Sensei Didi at the dojo.


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