The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday means all city facilities are closed on Monday, January 17. For that reason, there will be no 4 p.m. “Peewee” class and no 5 p.m. class for 6- and 7-year-old beginners on that day.

Kids age 6 and up who attend the Monday 5 p.m. class may take a make-up class by attending on Tuesday, January 18 at 4 (four) p.m. If you can’t make up the class on that Tuesday, try to come to an extra Saturday morning class. We meet every Saturday from 9:30 to 10:30 outside in the park (wear warm clothes and shoes; no uniforms).

There won’t be a “peewee” make-up class, but I hope you’ll practice your stances and blocks at home! Luckily, January still has two more Mondays after the holiday.

As some of you know, we sometimes hold class on Monday holidays by meeting in the park outside– especially later in the year, when the weather is better and it stays light past class time. So always check here for updates about holiday classes.


2 thoughts on “Attention Monday Class Students

  1. Thanks for the posting about MLK Jr. Day Class being cancelled. We missed this past Monday, so I didn’t get an update from you and I wasn’t sure. I remember last year for MLK Jr. you held class outdoors, but I remember it raining that day, so we didn’t attend.


    p.s. We didn’t attend because I forgot the uniform. What is the policy around that by the way? Are the kids encouraged to come still if they don’t have their uniform on? I’ve seen others without them, but I figured they were children new to the program and didn’t have one yet.

    1. Thanks for asking about the uniform. Kids should definitely come to class, even if they (or mom or dad) forgot their uniform.

      While it’s important to be in uniform for class, and students should not be careless or sloppy about it, it’s even more important to attend and practice regularly. So when something like that happens, come to class anyway, and resolve to be in uniform the next time.

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