Testing for ranks will take place on Thursday during the 4 p.m. class. A large number of kids will be testing for their next stripe or belt, including several taking their first test. Parents, if your child brought home a note about testing, please read it carefully, and contact the instructor if you have any questions, or if your child cannot attend the test.

Have you seen our “Test FAQs” handout? You can download it from this website; look in the right-hand column for the blue FREEINFO box and download the file TestFAQ4Kids.pdf. You can also download a written version of Bac Dau kata, in case a beginning student would like help getting extra practice at home.


2 thoughts on “Tests scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 3

  1. Is the testing by invitation only (you decide who can test), or are all kids welcome to test for the next belt/stripe? Also, is this for pee-wee karate or the big kids class? Last question, if we cannot make this testing session, Thurs., 4pm. When is the next one?


    1. Thanks for asking, because others might be wondering, too.
      1. Testing at Redwood Dojo is by invitation. When a student is ready to test, he or she will be given a test notice with a test date and other information. Rule of thumb: If a student did not bring home a test notice, they are not yet ready to test. Feel free to speak to the instructor if you’re not sure.
      2. At Redwood Dojo, students in the Peewee class do not test for rank. Instead, they learn about martial arts values, practice fun, basic skills, and earn rainbow stripes based on attendance and effort. When they are old enough to move to the “big kids” class, they have a head start learning the skills required for the first Cuong Nhu test for 1 yellow stripe.
      3. If a student misses a test date, a make-up test will be scheduled. The chosen date may have to accommodate other students who also missed the test, as well as the needs and availability of instructors and assistant instructors. So we ask parents (and students) to be patient in waiting to hear when a make-up test will take place. The best option, of course, is to make it to that original test date!

      More information about testing is available in the document mentioned in the post, TestFAQ4Kids.pdf, which you can download from the FREEINFO box on this website.

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