Years ago, we used to have a flyer with the headline “Martial Arts Isn’t Just for Kids.” It’s easy for people to think karate schools with large children’s programs are just for children – there are so many kids running around in uniforms playing at kicking and punching. And when a program is located at a community recreation center with children’s after-school programs and camps, it’s easy to assume the martial arts class is for kids, too.

Martial arts training is a serious, challenging activity, and it’s definitely not just for kids. Some of it is not for kids at all.

Redwood Dojo’s adult class has been ongoing since January 1992. We’re now taking registrations for a new group of adults who would like to begin their training with others like themselves. Our target start date is Tuesday, June 7, but this may be adjusted according to response.

If you’d like to be part of a new adult beginner’s group, please use the pre-registration link (it will take you to a page on our old website), or email an inquiry to info[at]

Here’s a copy of our flyer: Martial Arts For Adults
Feel free to print it out and use it as a pre-registration form if you prefer. And share it with your friends – the more the better. Training with a group of friends can be motivating and help get everyone off to a strong start.


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