We’ve posted some photos from this year’s international training camp on the Redwood Dojo Facebook page. Click here to visit the photo album. If you’re on Facebook, you should be able to find many other excellent pictures posted by others as well.

Training camp was outstanding: well-run, well-attended, great instructors and classes (including kids’ classes), excellent demos, — even the food was okay. The Redwood Dojo group put on a fine demo (notwithstanding the music snafu by the sound system guy); congratulations to Senseis Lara, Paul, Candace and Hector, as well as Daniel, Morgan, Cris and Samantha for a great job.

Sensei Didi had the honor of being promoted to Rokudan (6th degree Master) along with four of her colleagues. Master John Burns of our sister school, Rohai Dojo in Berkeley, was promoted to Ku Dan (9th degree).

The training camp hosts, Sung Ming Shu Dojo of Atlanta, will be hosting again next May. Since we already know the time (Memorial Day Weekend) and the place (Atlanta!), there’s no excuse not to plan ahead to get there next year! Who knows, maybe we’ll have some black belt candidates going for it at IATC 2012…


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