Did you know you can download a printed copy of Bac Dau kata from this page? Bac Dau is the first kata learned in the kids’ classes at Redwood Dojo, and it’s a great way for new students (of all ages) to practice their basics.
Other downloads include the general information sheet about Redwood Dojo, which includes a class schedule; and a Frequently-Asked Questions sheet for kids and parents about belt/rank testing. From time to time, we make other documents available as needed – for example, flyers and registration forms for seminars, training camps and tournaments.
To locate these downloads, look in the right-hand column of this page, and scroll down till you see a blue box called “FREE INFO.” Then click on the name of the document you’d like to download.
Redwood Dojo students and parents: please subscribe to this blog so you can stay up to date on information and events. It’s easy; just click on the link under “Subscribe by email” – also in the right-hand column, just above the blue box.


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