Thirteen members of Redwood Dojo will be heading to Atlanta for the 2012 Cuong Nhu annual training camp over Memorial Day weekend. The best part is that Cris and Pam will be testing for black belt! Wish them luck (they’ve already done the hard work and preparation, but a little luck on top of it couldn’t hurt), and think good thoughts on Friday evening, when the main part of testing takes place.

While we’re gone, Jim and some upper-rank members of the Teen Class will be handling the Thursday kids’ classes. Be on your best behavior, kids, and show them what you know!

There will be no classes on the long weekend – no Saturday class, and no Monday classes.

Be ready to start training extra hard on Tuesday the 29th, because those of us returning from training camp will be full of energy and ideas. Hopefully, we’ll have two new black belts in the dojo, and 6 more black belt candidates following close behind. (We’re hoping for another round of testing in late summer or early fall.) It’s going to be a busy summer, and an excellent time to be training at Redwood Dojo!


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