Starting in September 2012, new students will register by session instead of month-to-month, and the office will be accepting payments by session. This should save both time and money for continuing students, since a single payment will cover you for 3 or more months at a time, and you won’t have to worry about monthly late fees.

In addition, sessions will have pre-scheduled review and test dates, giving continuing students who are working toward belt ranks a clearer focus on their goals. New students, by making a 3-month commitment, will be able to learn the basics and feel some real progress by the end of their first session.

Fall registration is now open! 2012-2013 Sessions will be as follows:

Fall: September – November (3 months)
December Special Session (1 month, or include with Fall registration for a discount)
Winter: January – March (3 months)
Spring: April – June (3 months)
Summer: July – August (2 months)

Please check with the office for fees and policies that apply to your age-group class. Here are a few FAQs:

Can a student join after a session begins? Yes, with the instructor’s approval, and provided there is room in the class.

Can a new student try for just a month instead of a session? Martial arts is an activity with powerful benefits for kids and adults alike, but it takes commitment and effort to begin to see those benefits. New students should make a minimum three-month commitment in order to experience the real value of training.

I’m a long-term, continuing student, and I don’t like change ;-). Do I really have to register and pay by session now? Yes. However, if you have a good record of on-time payment, AND you have a convincing reason for wanting to continue paying month-to-month, contact Sensei Didi: didi[at]

Will there be a family discount? We offer what’s probably the best value and lowest student fee in the area – less than $50/month for most students, as low as $25 for the youngest. Even so, we know money is tight for a lot of folks these days, so families will be able to break Session payments into monthly payments if needed to spread out the cost.


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