Fall Testing Day is upon us; test lists for the children’s classes have been posted, and the instructors are looking forward to seeing how much progress everyone has made in recent months.

Parents: If you missed seeing the test lists due to the Veteran’s Day holiday, please message Sensei Didi (email redwoodojo[at]earthlink.net) for a copy of the list – or simply to ask which test your child is scheduled for. In cases where a student has not yet met the attendance or skills requirements for their next rank, the student is assigned to the Fitness and Skills Challenge.

What is the “Fitness and Skills Challenge”? For students not yet qualified to test for their next belt rank, we have devised a fun and diabolical Challenge exam that tests fitness, agility, and the essential martial arts skill areas of stances, striking, kicking, and blocking. Even the very newest students are going to have fun on this exam. Students will earn scores in each area, and set goals to raise their performance on future tests. This is not a competition – except in the traditional martial arts sense of “competition with oneself.” Constant self-improvement is one of our most important values.

This is the first time we have given this exam, and we can’t wait to see how everyone does!

Test day reminders:

Arrive on time, if not early!

Be in uniform – a compete, clean uniform and belt. (No uniform = no test for rank!)

Take care of fees (if any are due) prior to class.

Parents & family members: Please keep the viewing area quiet at all times!

The Redwood Dojo instructors and assistants look forward to seeing you on Thursday!


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