The holiday class schedule is now available; pick up a copy in class this week (Monday students received theirs today), or download it here. As always – since our facility is closed between Christmas and New Year’s – we encourage Redwood Dojo students of all ages to attend class at Rohai Dojo, our sister school in Berkeley, during the break. The Rohai Dojo schedule is included on our handout, along with the address, directions and phone number.

We just put in a big order for sparring gear for purple belts and above, and the students are looking forward to adding more sparring-related drills to their training. If you didn’t turn in your order form in time, don’t panic; you can still purchase gear. However, you might not get your choice of colors, and we can’t guarantee the 20% discount offered for this group order. Contact Sensei Didi ASAP if you want to get your gear before year’s end!

Need any last-minute gift ideas? Well…sparring gear is one… and here are a few more:

The Redwood Dojo t-shirt – still available in many sizes, gray or white with a full-color design by Alejandro (from the Redwood Heights office), printed with a small logo in front and a large design on back.

Only $15! Some shirts printed with the front logo only are available for $12. Profits from t-shirt sales go toward the international training camp scholarship fund.


The Kids’ Karate Workbook: a take-home training guide for young martial artists. Sensei Didi’s book covers our curriculum from white to purple belt, with many extras – including background information and training tips that martial artists of any rank should have on hand. Kids Karate WorkbookAnd the book goes beyond our dojo and style; it’s suitable to recommend to friends and family who study other martial arts – different styles of karate or taekwondo. The cover price is $18.95, but you can save $$ by buying directly from Sensei Didi.

redwood-patchThe Redwood Dojo sleeve patch makes a nice stocking-stuffer for only $3.

A square kicking target is a great tool for practicing at home (with appropriate adult supervision). We’re selling some used targets, and you can name your own price ($5 – $10 suggested, depending on condition of target). All proceeds will go to the scholarship fund, which will help students attend the Cuong Nhu international training camp in May. Limited stock! Claim yours by contacting Sensei Didi.


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