Students purple belt and above will be happy to hear that the sparring gear arrived at Rohai Dojo today. Sorting it all out was a three-hour project, and the next hurdle is transporting all of it to Redwood Dojo in Sensei Didi’s compact car.

Students who attend class tomorrow (Thursday, December 20th) may pick up their gear. Parents – you can help by letting Sensei Didi know whether or not your child will be in class, so she can select the gear she really needs to bring, and leave the rest safely at home. Please email didi[at]

If you have not yet paid for the gear, you’ll need to take care of that as well. Most of the equipment is pre-paid and ready to go!

Those who requested t-shirts earlier this week will be able to pick those up as well – and it’s not too late to handle last-minute requests. All proceeds from t-shirt sales benefit the Redwood Dojo training camp scholarship fund, which will help our brown and black belts attend the Cuong Nhu national training camp in Atlanta next May.


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