From Sensei Didi:

I’ve been looking forward to Monday, July 1st, because we’re clearing the waiting lists for age 7 & younger, and I’ve been planning to welcome new students for the Summer Session. It’s a short week due to the July 4th holiday, but no matter – we can get kids started on the path, and give them a few basics to work on. It’s also exciting because a group of kids in the Monday class just passed a test, meaning they’re ready to move to the next level and learn some new skills.

City-Wide Strike

Unfortunately, a labor strike is going to intervene by closing down the center on the 1st. I support the union, even though I don’t like it when either politics or bureaucracy interferes with the dojo. The discipline of martial arts means showing up to train no matter what. Our Cuong Nhu Code of Ethics says, “Only through dedicated daily practice do we maintain honor in Cuong Nhu.” I expect my students to learn discipline and demonstrate that kind of honor by showing up regularly for class, and in turn, I see to it that I’m always there to teach the class. If I can’t make it for some unavoidable reason (knee surgery, for example ;-)), I don’t cancel; I get subs! On some occasions I hold class in the park if the building won’t be accessible.

As you can see, I don’t like cancelling class any more than I like it when students don’t show up for class.

Make-Up Classes Scheduled or TBA

This time, though, we’ll have to schedule make-up classes for the Monday students. Kids age 6 & 7 who would normally attend the Monday 5 p.m. class may attend on Tuesday, July 2, at 4 p.m. for a make-up. We’ll schedule a make-up at a later date for members of the “Peewee Class” (Monday 4 p.m.). Parents of students who were planning to attend for the first time tomorrow should feel free to contact me by email (see top of the right-hand column) with questions about class or about obtaining a uniform.

I encourage students who are able to do so -with adult supervision- to do your “dedicated daily practice;” that is, practice your skills on your own, either in your yard or in the park, during your regular class time tomorrow.

Thanks for your support!

Thank you for all the well-wishes for my recovery from knee surgery – and thank you for bearing with me as I work my way back to teaching class on my own two feet. I’m grateful to the black belts for covering classes and helping me out the past few weeks. I’m back in there teaching now, but I will be on crutches for another week or so, and must continue to rely on my able assistant instructors during this period.

On the positive side, with hard work I’ll be able to come back stronger than ever and without knee pain! I can’t wait to get off crutches and start training again.


One thought on “Start of the Summer Session

  1. Hello Sensei Didi, We were on holiday for 2 weeks. Merritt will resume this week. Glad to hear your recovery is strong! See you Tuesday,

    Gemilyn Rabara

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