This fall we are launching a formal program to allow young martial artists to develop their leadership abilities by learning how to be assistant instructors in the dojo.

Cuong Nhu has always required Brown Belt and above students to assist with teaching in order to advance in rank. Assistant teaching is considered vital, not only because it deepens understanding of the material being taught, but also because it develops personal and leadership qualities we require of every black belt. Assistant instructors must learn to carry themselves with confidence, communicate clearly, and show a commitment and dedication helping others, in addition to developing their own martial arts skills.

Our new Leadership Program will allow Young Leaders to begin learning and practicing the skills they will need to step confidently into the role of Assistant Instructor by the time they reach brown belt, while gaining the benefits much earlier in their training.

Leadership Program Goals and Benefits:

– To learn and practice what it means to make a commitment to oneself and others, to be dependable, and to be a role model.
– To develop leadership qualities and skills, such as self-confidence, public speaking, communication, and leading by example.
– To deepen understanding of Cuong Nhu skills through helping others learn those skills.
Specifically, Young Leaders will:
– Learn methods for being helpful to the instructors during class.
– Learn methods for helping and encouraging younger/lower-ranked students in class.

Leadership Program Responsibilities:

– To help and encourage younger/lower-ranked students to train hard and improve.
– To serve as positive role models for students in class, and for the entire dojo.
– To help instructors keep class running smoothly by performing or assisting with specific tasks as requested.
– To be leaders in class by demonstrating moves, modeling good practice, and in other ways as requested by the instructors.

Requirements and Fee:

– Young Leaders must have purple belt rank or higher.
– They must make a commitment for two months minimum (full 3-month session preferred).
– They must commit to helping at least 1 day per week for the committed period.
– They must attend an introductory class, and one additional instructional class per month, where they will learn specific techniques related to assistant teaching.
– Young Leaders must arrive early for classes where they will be helping.
– They must also maintain excellent attendance (‘perfect’ is the goal) for their own classes.
– Young Leaders must show good discipline and effort during their own classes.
– The fee for Leadership Training is $10 per month, payable in full upon acceptance.

How to Apply

If your child would like to participate in the Leadership Program as a Young Leader, and is able to make the necessary commitments, please download and complete the application form here, or request a copy from Sensei Didi. Five to eight qualified applicants will be selected for the Fall Session, based on available time slots and “first come first served.” Please contact Sensei Didi if you have any questions.


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