West Coast Training Camp is just over a week away! Once again we’ll be hosting seven of Cuong Nhu’s top instructors, including Head of Style Grandmanster Quynh Ngo, for a fantastic weekend of training for kids and adults. These instructors will be traveling from as far away as Florida and Tennessee just to give us this opportunity – so don’t miss out. If you didn’t get a flyer and registration form at the dojo – or if you misplaced yours – please download a copy here.

WCTC 2013 Flyer

WCTC Reg Form – Adult

WCTC Reg Form – Minor

We have some scholarship funds available; please speak to Sensei Didi if finances are the reason you haven’t signed up.

West Coast Training Camp FAQs

When and where is WCTC? Friday, September 27, from 6 to 8 p.m., and Saturday, September 28, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Alameda High School, in Alameda – just a short drive from Redwood Dojo.

All day? Isn’t that too much for the kids? Kids have a great time at WCTC. Our instructors know how to work with children, and the schedule includes breaks and supervised “down time.” The day goes by very fast.

Do parents have to be present? Parents are welcome to watch, but it’s also okay to drop off your child, and pick up at closing. Please be on time for pickup.

What about lunch on Saturday? We have a catered lunch on site, so there is no need to leave the facility. The registration form lets you make your choice for lunch. There’s also a cookie break.

What will be taught? Both adults and children will have the chance to take a variety of classes covering such martial arts topics as self defense, weapons training (bo, spear, and tonfa), basic and advanced kata, animal techniques, mat work and grappling, and more. We’ll post a schedule of classes here shortly.

Should beginners participate, or just watch? WCTC is for all levels, including beginners; and for all ages, 6 & up.

Are there different classes for different ages? Yes. Each session offers a choice of several classes for adults – with different options based on rank; and two classes for kids, based on rank (belt level). Teens, and children green belt & up, may attend adult classes. Older kids who are not quite teens may be able to attend some adult classes; they should seek permission from their own instructor AND the instructor of the class they would like to take.

Will there be chances to socialize with the out-of-town guests and other participants? Yes! Friday and Saturday dinners give WCTC participants two chances to spend time with each other and meet the instructors. (In addition to Florida and Tennessee, we have groups coming from Atlanta, Little Rock, and Seattle.) There’s a Friday night dinner at a restaurant right down the street from the gym, and all are welcome. Please let us know in advance that you plan to come! The restaurant needs to know how many to expect. Mark it on your registration form. On Saturday evening, we hold a potluck at the hotel where the instructors are staying, and again, all are welcome and encouraged to attend. Friends and family welcome, too! You should also note your plans on your (or your child’s) registration form.

Is there anything we can do to help? Yes, there might be! A few out-of-towners are arriving early, and/or did not get reservations at the training camp hotel. If you can host someone in your guest bedroom on Thursday night, or even for the weekend, please let us know. Also, guests at the hotel will need rides to and from the gym on Friday and Saturday. If you’d be available to give rides, please let us know. Contact Sensei Didi with any questions.


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