Well, once again, this is embarrassing! The individual who informed me that Redwood Heights would be closed for Cesar Chavez day was MISTAKEN. The center is open and classes will meet.

For those who don’t make it today because of erroneous postings, I promise to do some extra push-ups, and vow never to take someone’s word for something without double-checking personally before sending out word. If you missed today’s class because of the previous posting, please leave a comment here so I’ll know.

Meanwhile, please have a look at the results from the recent Rohai Dojo Kata Tournament, posted here:

2014 Kata Tournament Results

Congratulations to all the many Redwood Dojo members who placed in the top three. Congratulations, too, to the students who trained hard, went down to Berkeley for the tournament, did their best, and improved themselves – regardless of final standings.


2 thoughts on “Class Will Meet 3/31 – and Tournament Results

  1. My son, Zev Ross, won first place in the teen green belt kata tournament. I was surprised that his name wasn’t on the list. Second place was David Schwarz and third was Daniel Gilbert (the latter two names were mentioned correctly).

    Could you please clarify?

    Thank you, Daphne Ross

    1. Hi, Daphne, You are giving the correct results for last fall’s tournament at Hoa Sen dojo. Redwood swept the green belt division! However, these results are for the recent tournament in Berkeley that Zev did not attend.
      Thanks for keeping an eye on the info!

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