For over a week, I’ve been peering into that bin in the Redwood Heights lobby and finding it empty. It’s a collection bin from the Alameda County Food Bank, and it appeared one day – right around the time there was some media coverage of how the drought is affecting food pantries and the poor who depend on them.

I’ve been meaning to bring some canned goods – but like you, I’m very busy, and I forget. And I tell myself there are bins in the nearby Safeway that are easier to notice and fill. Still, it bothers me to see our bin empty – as though our community isn’t doing as much as we could.

So – here’s my idea: Let’s work together on this.

I’m calling on you, the Redwood Dojo community, to make it our project to fill that bin up. If every student and/or parent brings one or two non-perishable items over the next few days, we can start filling it up – and maybe inspire others to do the same by our example. If you need some ideas, click here for the food bank shopping list.

Thanks, everyone! Let’s get it done.

Didi Goodman


2 thoughts on “Food Banks in Trouble; We Can Help!

  1. Thank you Didi for putting this out there. I have thought about it… and forgot about it.

    There are 3 big events at the school: Ice Cream Social tomorrow night, Variety Show Friday and Next Saturday is the Dad’s Club & RHNA bike and bbq day. Why not think of giving at one of those events. I’ll talk about it tomorrow to parents I see and bring something in.

    Cheers, sometimes you need a catalyst. Thanks for being my catalyst.

    Kelli (Rianna’s Mom) ps. If Rianna didn’t tell you, she’s doing a Karate-hoola-hoop routine to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. It’s all her own idea. 🙂

    1. 😀
      Karate hoola-hoop?!! That’s something I’d like to see. Fantastic!
      And thanks for supporting the food bank.

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