Torfeh Death Valley, CA  2014
Summer is officially here, and many members of kids’ class – as well as teens and adults – are following new schedules and taking off on vacation.

Please DO let Sensei Didi know what your schedule and participation will be for the summer months.

Your martial arts instructors care about your individual progress, and plan your classes accordingly. The “default expectation” in Cuong Nhu Karate is that you will be in class! Please let us know when you will be missing. Many of you have informed Sensei Didi of your summer plans, and she thanks you for your good manners.

Here’s a fun thing to DO:

Adult class members Torfeh and Greg had a great idea. This summer, wherever you go for travel or fun, snap a picture of yourself in one of your favorite martial arts poses, and send it to redwoodojo[at] We’ll post your pics here on the blog – like a postcard from your vacation. They’ve agreed to get things started with the two wonderful pictures from Death Valley you see here. Greg Death Valley, CA 2014

Kudos to Danielle

One of our fine teen students and Leadership Program members, Danielle Pohlson, has been honored with an award for her involvement in community, school and softball. It’s called the Arnold Kelly Scholarship, and it puts away $1000 toward her future college tuition. Danielle is an outstanding softball athlete who makes a point to keep up her Cuong Nhu attendance during softball season, even finding extra time to come help with the kids’ classes. Congratulations, Danielle, on a well-deserved honor!

End-of-Session Testing

Students who attend class today (June 23) or tomorrow, who are eligible for testing based on both attendance and knowledge of required curriculum, will be scheduled for an end-of-session test date. Unfortunately, if you are not in class, you cannot be evaluated for testing and you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Please contact Sensei Didi if you have any questions.

August Class Schedule – Notice of Change

We will be implementing our “Summer Holiday Schdule” this year, for the month of August only. During August, all kids, all ranks, will attend class together on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 6 p.m. Teens and Adults will train together from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

The Peewee Class schedule for August is not yet set; keep an eye on this site for updates. Our normal schedule will resume, as always, in September.

2 thoughts on “Summer News and Do’s

  1. Hi Cuong Nhu Redwood Dojo, What is the best way to get our Summer schedule to you? Thank you , Lisa Roman & Joaquin Tamo’s mom

    1. Probably the best way is an email to redwoodojo[at] … OR… drop a note in the “drop box” on the front table at the dojo. Thanks!

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