Don’t forget, we’ll be down at Rohai Dojo (Berkeley Cuong Nhu Karate) for the Kata Tournament tomorrow morning, March 14, so there will be no regular Saturday class in the park. Come cheer on all the Redwood students who will be competing!

Competition begins at 10 a.m., with brown and black belt Adults/Teens going first, then all adult divisions, followed quickly by children’s divisions from 6-year-old beginners, on up through the ranks.

This is a friendly competition among our local Cuong Nhu family, and a great place for students of all levels to step up and see how they perform under pressure. I especially encourage shy students, and those who “don’t want to,” to participate and find out how it feels to step forward. If you didn’t make it this year, keep in mind the Rohai Dojo spring tournament happens every year around this time. In addition, Hoa Sen dojo, our sister school in Emeryville, hosts a kata competition in the fall, and Rohai hosts Spar Wars in November.

Rohai Dojo is located at 1819 San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, just 1.5 blocks north of University Avenue, between Hearst and Delaware.


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