Summer is here; students are coming and going to camps, vacations, and such; and here at Redwood Dojo we’re operating on our reduced Summer Schedule for the months of July and August. Most of you should have received either an email or a notice handed out during class – and thank you for your replies! Everyone who responded is either able to attend on the Summer Schedule, or will be away most of the time it’s in effect. For those who did not receive notice till now, please do let Sensei Didi know if you have problems with the schedule, and also let us know your vacation dates, so we’ll know when and when not to expect you at the dojo.

Here’s the Summer Schedule. During July and August:

Peewee Karate is meeting on TUESDAYS at 4 p.m. (no class on Mondays)

All kids age 6 & up, all ranks, meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 p.m. (no Monday classes)

Teens and Adults meet together, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 to 7:30 p.m.

There is Adult Open Workout time after 7:30, for independent practice and advanced test preparation.

Our regular schedule will resume in September.

We’ve got helpers lined up for that 5 p.m. class, in case it’s bigger than expected, and it’s going to be fun. The younger students will have a chance to train with the “big kids;” the older/more advanced students will have a chance to be examples and role models; and everyone will get to learn something new while they’re working hard.

As for Sensei Didi, she won’t necessarily be sleeping in on those Mondays off, because she co-teaches the all-day Karate Summer Camps down at Rohai Dojo in Berkeley. The first camp already took place in June, complete with special weapons training, matwork, and an art project involving broken boards. Advanced Teen Camp is coming up (open to older kids and teens, blue belt and up), and two more all-ranks camps are scheduled. There may be a few more spaces left, so if you’re interested in registering for a Summer Camp, contact Sensei Didi for details, or call Rohai Dojo directly at 526-4880.

Also note: there is currently NO waiting list for Peewee Karate. Please stop by or call 482-7827 to get signed up for class.

Happy Summer!


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