T-Shirt Fundraiser: Pre-Order Now!

Gotta-Kata-t-shirt-gray copyWe’re excited to announce a cool new t-shirt is in production, to serve as a fundraiser for the Redwood Dojo Training Camp Scholarship Fund. All profits will go toward helping students attend seminars, West Coast Training Camp, and IATC (national training camp).

Here’s our design! The Gotta Kata! concept is by Redwood member Greg Seff, and several people contributed to the artwork.

Right now we’re taking pre-orders, to get an idea how many shirts to print. You can help us out by telling us how many t-shirts you’ll order, and which sizes and colors you want. Please write it in the comments section of the blog, OR send your pre-order by email to tshirt[at]redwood-dojo.com.

The price will be in the range of $15 to $20, depending on final order size. Choose blue or ash grey, and tell us whether you need youth or adult sizes (s, m, l, xl).

Gotta-Kata-t-shirt-blueAnd please let us know asap, because we can’t wait to get these shirts printed!

Thanks, and enjoy the rest of your summer.




2 Responses to T-Shirt Fundraiser: Pre-Order Now!

  1. I’ll order a blue shirt, size adult small. (Assuming the “adult” sizes are men’s sizes? If women’s, then a medium.) 🙂

  2. Parnee Frederick says:

    I’d like to order a small blue tshirt.

    Parnee ParneeFrederick.com

    This message was sent from my cell & was intended to be brief. Please know it was sent with love.


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