Tomorrow (Tuesday August 18) is Sensei Cris’s last day at Redwood Dojo before leaving for college! He’s requested a Tie-Dye Tuesday for his last day (this is becoming a bit of a tradition!), so all black belts who own a tie-dyed uniform should wear it.*

In addition, all kids who wear a tie-dyed t-shirt may work out in their gi pants, belt, and t-shirt tomorrow. (That’s going to feel good if it’s this heat wave is still on!) And kids: Don’t tell Sensei Cris, but … remember all those push-ups and crazy exercises he’s made you do in class for the past year? You might just get a chance to return the favor…

Don’t miss class, and please pass the word to your fellow students and parents, since some of them aren’t yet subscribed to the blog.


*Why, you may ask, do any of the black belts own a tie-dyed uniform? Well, in Cuong Nhu, when a student attains black belt, they may wear a black or colored uniform – any color they choose. Another tradition in Cuong Nhu is…a sense of humor. Therefore, a few instructors began wearing tie-dye on special occasions, and we on the West Coast took up that practice with enthusiasm. So don’t be surprised if you walk in and find the instructors in tie-dyes, once or twice a year on special days.


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