A year ago, we tragically lost our Head of Style to the Covid-19 virus.  Grandmaster Quynh Ngo was the son of Cuong Nhu’s founder, O’Sensei Ngo Dong, and had served as the Head of Style since 1998.  He was a dynamic leader and his sudden and tragic passing rocked the Cuong Nhu community.  In honor of him, many in Cuong Nhu wore a black stripe on the lapel of their gi.  It was a reminder that while we are mourning our loss, we were also still here, in uniform, doing what Grandmaster Quynh so passionately did his whole life.  We were still practicing Cuong Nhu. 

Now it is time move forward without the black mourning stripe.  While we have removed the symbol from our uniforms, his mark on our style will never be forgotten.  We embody what Grandmaster Quynh and O’Sensei Dong strove for when we continue our practice of Cuong Nhu.  We honor him when we push ourselves to work harder and perfect our techniques.  We carry on his legacy when we continue to train and teach Cuong Nhu.

You can learn more about Grandmaster Quynh’s life on the In Memoriam page of the Cuong Nhu website.

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