West Coast Training Camp is back!  This special training opportunity usually is held annually, but because of the pandemic, this year is the first time since 2019 that it is taking place.  It is coming up October 14-15 and registration is now open.  Sign up before October 7 to avoid the late fee.

What is West Coast Training Camp?

West Coast Training Camp gives students a chance to take classes from high ranking Cuong Nhu instructors from around the country.  Hosted by Rohai Dojo, Grandmaster John Burns (Cuong Nhu’s Head of Style) and Master Didi Goodman (Redwood Dojo’s founder) have scheduled a full day of special topics classes with options for all ages and ranks.  Students have the chance to learn katas, weapons, and techniques that aren’t normally taught in class or that come at a later rank.  They also have a chance to socialize with other Cuong Nhu members, enjoy a catered lunch, and a cookie break – always a favorite!  The event is a lot of fun and should not be missed.

This year, there will be Black Belt and Dan Rank testing on Friday night at Rohai Dojo in Berkeley.  Come to watch and be inspired by these high-ranking test candidates.  On Saturday, there will be a full day of training fun, with classes at the Ira Jinkins Recreation Center in Oakland.  If you have any questions about what to expect or if you should participate (the answer will probably be “yes!”), contact Sensei Lara.

Since all Redwood Dojo instructors and many students will be at this event, we will not have our normal Saturday classes on October 15.

Event Registration

More event details from Rohai Dojo


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