We offer year-round martial arts training at Redwood Dojo. During the summer months, when some families take time off for vacations, we have a consolidated schedule for kids classes.

Our summer schedule will start on Tuesday, May 30. Kids classes will be as follows:

  • Pre-Karate (ages 4.5-5): Saturday 9-10 am (outside, in uniforms and shoes)
  • Kids A (ages 6-7): Tuesday and Thursday 4-5 pm
  • Kids B & C (ages 8-12): Tuesday and Thursday 5-6 pm

We are now re-opening our Saturday All Ranks class to children ages 6 and up. This class is from 10 to 11 am and is attended by teens and adults, so kids who join it must be mature enough to train alongside older students. The class meets outside and students do not wear uniforms. Students can attend this class to make up for a missed class or to supplement their regular weekday classes.

All teen and adult classes will continue with the regular schedule.


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