Martial arts training is ongoing; our classes run continuously all year. However, fees are paid by session. Fall, Winter and Spring sessions are three months long; Summer Session is two months; and December is a one-month special session.

Fees as of January 2018

We ask new students to make a minimum commitment of three months.

Pre-Karate and Children’s Classes:  Class fees for these two programs are payable to the City of Oakland.  To register or pay for these classes, visit the Redwood Heights Community Center office.

Teen and Adult Classes:  The class fees for teens and adults are payable to Cuong Nhu Karate.  Payments should be made directly to the instructor via the payment box at the front of the room.

Family installment rate: Families with two or more dojo members may break their session fees into monthly installments.

Annual Dues

As a student of Redwood Dojo, you are studying Cuong Nhu Karate. Membership in the Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association (CNMAA) is required for rank advancement; annual dues (due in January) are $40 for individuals, $65 for families.  To pay your annual dues online, click here.  To pay with check or cash, you may pay the instructor in class.


Students in Cuong Nhu wear traditional white karate gis.  A complete uniform includes a belt, the Cuong Nhu patch, the Redwood Dojo patch, and the students first name.  A complete uniform is required for rank testing.  The uniform may be ordered through the instructor or purchased directly from Berkeley Cuong Nhu Karate (located at 1819 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley).


Making payments

Remittance envelopes are available at the dojo for in-class purchases and payments.  Fill out the green envelope, enclose a check or cash, and deposit it into the payments box at the front of the room.  If you prefer, you can download an order form here and bring it in a separate envelope.  Payments for uniforms, equipment, association dues, and monthly fees for teens & adults are made to the instructor, payable to Cuong Nhu Karate.

To set up reoccurring monthly payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT) for teen or adult class fees, speak to the instructor.

Note that monthly fees for pre-karate and children’s classes are payable to City of Oakland, and paid in the Recreation Center Office.  All other payments are made to the instructor.