Kids’ Class – Overview

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Children are fascinated by the martial arts. They love to imagine themselves leaping, kicking, punching and screaming, defeating all their enemies, like the characters they see in movies and on tv.

Real-life training can harness that fascination to bring real-life benefits—like exercise, discipline, coordination, and assertiveness. Kids who stick with it will learn to focus their minds and bodies, persevere through hard work, respect themselves and others, and enjoy the satisfaction of personal achievement—all this while growing fit, strong and healthy. They’ll also learn the importance of self-control and non-violence, gain skills for self-defense, and earn the confidence to walk away from fights.

These benefits seem almost too good to be true, yet they are very much part of traditional martial arts training. Any child can gain them, provided they stay at it for more than just a few months. It takes patience, commitment, and parental support—and it’s well worth it!

Kids Karate WorkbookCuong Nhu Redwood Dojo has offered martial arts training to kids since 1992. Chief instructor Didi Goodman (“Sensei Didi”) has been practicing martial arts for almost forty years, and teaching kids for more than thirty. She is the author of the Cuong Nhu Training Manual for Kids -and their parents, and The Kids’ Karate Workbook: A Take-Home Training Guide for Young Martial Artists, from North Atlantic/Blue Snake Books.

Sensei Didi is helped in the kids’ classes by student trainees and black belt assistant instructors. One of these instructors began training at Redwood Dojo when she was seven years old, and is now a black belt instructor who earned a graduate degree at Cal and teaches mathematics. Who knows – some of your children may follow in her footsteps!

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