Peewees (Age 4 1/2 & 5)

Students in Peewee Karate attend class once a week, on Mondays from 4 to 5 pm. Kids in this age group have fun practicing basic, age-appropriate martial arts skills, while learning how to listen, follow instructions, try hard and work together.

Our Peewee curriculum is built around ten core concepts. In each class, one of these serves as the “word of the day:” Fitness, Focus, Balance, Teamwork, Discipline, Control, Coordination, Memory, Respect, and Personal Safety.

The Peewee class does not work toward belt ranks in the traditional martial arts sense. Peewees earn stamps on a card and stripes on their belts through excellent attendance, good behavior and good effort. By the time they reach age 6 and move to the Beginning Kids’ Class, they have a solid foundation in the basic skills needed to earn the first yellow stripe in the Cuong Nhu belt ranking system.

The Peewee class is sometimes full; at these times, we keep a waiting list. To find out the current status of the class, or to get your name on the waiting list, please call the Redwood Heights Community Center office, 510-482-7827, during regular business hours. Note: As of Fall 2015, enrollment is open with no waiting.

nat-anto-2005When the class is full, we cannot offer free trial classes for students in this age group. Please check with the instructor in advance. You and your child are very welcome to come watch a class at any time, however. Click on this link to pre-register your child for Peewee Karate, set up a time to watch class, or to send a question directly to the instructor. (The link will take you to a page on our old website.)


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