Fall 2017 happenings…

As summer draws to a close all too soon, and kids get ready to return to school, we at Redwood Dojo are looking forward to returning to our full schedule, starting on Monday, August 21st.

If you’ve been away for the summer, we look forward to having you back! Stop by and let us know you’ll be in class, so we can save your space and make our lesson plans. If you’re a former member of “peewees” now ready for “big kids’ class” (age 6-7), plan to attend on Mondays at 5 pm and Thursdays at 4. All new and returning students – check the class schedule here, and let us know if you have any questions about which class to attend.

Sensei Lara is in the house! If you trained in the dojo this summer, you had a chance to take class with Sensei Lara Tribe-Jones, and she’s now going to be a regular instructor at Redwood Dojo. Sensei Lara grew up in the dojo (so to speak)! That is, she began training here when she was a young student at Redwood Heights Elementary, earned her black belt with us, then went away to college after graduating from Oakland Tech.

Demo at Sarah's Science "Ninja Science Week"
Sensei Lara prepares a group of Redwood and Rohai Dojo students for a Cuong Nhu demonstration at Sarah’s Science camp in Roberts Regional Park.

Luckily for Redwood Dojo, she returned to Oakland after college and continued her martial arts training while earning a masters degree and teaching middle school math in OUSD. Now we can all benefit from her considerable talents as an instructor. Just one more good reason to come take class.

West Coast Training Camp is on our calendar; be sure to put it on yours! Every fall, the Bay Area Cuong Nhu community hosts a martial arts training weekend for all ages and levels, featuring Grandmaster Quynh Ngo, Cuong Nhu’s head-of-style, and many of the top instructors in our organization. This year it’s scheduled for October 6th & 7th. Classes are held on Friday evening and all day Saturday (including a catered lunch), at nearby Alameda High School. Children age 6 & up are welcome (we make a point of bringing in instructors who love to teach kids), and of course, there will be a wide range of special classes for adults and teens. Details can be found at Berkeley Cuong Nhu Karate’s website,¬†or on the Facebook event page. Don’t miss it!


Free Adult Workout is Now Monthly

It’s official: We’ve designated the first Tuesday of the month as Free Workout for Adults at Redwood Dojo. Visitors and newcomers are welcome during the first hour of the 7 to 8:30 p.m. adult class, and may observe the last half hour. This is the best time for prospective students to try out the class, or for parents whose children are enrolled in martial arts to get a taste of the “grownup” version of what the kids are learning (see also our earlier post about the adult class). Spread the word and bring a friend!

Our next Free Workout is coming up soon, on Tuesday, July 5th. Pre-register here, or drop us an email to info[at]redwood-dojo.com if you have any questions. Plan to arrive a few minutes early to fill out a registration/release form. Wear loose, comfortable workout clothes, and plan to work out in bare feet.

Our First Tuesday workouts are now featured on Meetup.com, so if you’re a member over there or like the format, join up!

Note: Dates are subject to cancellation or change. For example, the September free workout will be on the first Thursday.